The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little accident prone...

The boys and I were headed out to run errands today... I had a list a mile long. The big finale was going to be getting lunch at the Subway in the PX. They love this place! By the time that we finally got onto Quantico, it had started to rain. I had Ethan grab the umbrella and off we went to the PX. Sean had a hold of my key lanyard as I stepped up onto the sidewalk... he apparently wasn't paying attention... down he went. I picked him up and brushed him off and we started heading towards the doors. All of a sudden *Whack* (Insert Sean screaming)... I turned around and realized that he walked straight into one of the pillar barriers that they put up post 9/11 and post remodel! Poor kid! I think I need to bubble wrap him today!

We got into the building without anymore incidents. After a few minutes searching through the purses, I found a new purse! Sean was happy too... he thought that my gain was his gain and therefore carried my new purse to the checkouts. He talked about 'his' new purse as we waited in line at Subway. I explained that it was MY new purse and that Grandma sent me money for my birthday so that I could get a new purse. He acted like he didn't hear me and rambled on about filling his new purse with cars and toys (just the things that will eventually fill MY new purse).

We got our food and grabbed our 'usual' table against the windows with the really tall chairs. I got their sandwiches set and started putting the contents of my old purse into MY new purse. That is about the time that Sean lost it... he continued to lose it for about 15 minutes! In that time, he lost it about the purse not being his, about it not being his birthday, and probably something about poverty and world hunger. There was no reasoning with him. He was bent. I finally emptied out my wallet and gave it to him... he was happy with that until he realized it was empty... then he lost it all over again. Eventually, he managed to pull himself together and we made our treck through the commissary.

He was very happy to get home and get his hands on my old purse... which is now his NEW purse that he carries his cars and toys in!

Ethan was looking awfully grown up today!

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