The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trolling for houses...

I got a call today from a realtor... her client wants to look at our house! Woo-hoo! I headed home from the preschool (I've spent most of the summer there) to sterilize the house. It didn't take that long because we moved so much stuff out on Saturday. I ordered pizza and took the boys outside to play... the less time we spend in the house the cleaner it stays!

... and we waited... and waited... mostly for a phone call, but also for the pizza...

Pizza came and still no phone call. The boys wanted to eat outside and I had to agree that was a good idea. We were sitting on the steps like porch monkey's eating our pizza when the car drove by... slooooowly. I told the boys 'I think they are looking at our house'. It turned around at the end of the court and drove even slower (if that's possible). It stopped in front of our house and then inched into our neighbors parking spot... where it sat. I began to get self concious about how I was eating my pizza. No one got out and the driver looked like they were calling someone. At that point, I figured she was calling on our neighbors house which was up for rent. I decided to help them out with info on the rental.

I walked up and asked her if she was interested in the rental. She politely said 'no. I'm interested in the sign in the yard of the house that you were sitting in front of...' She then said that her realtor had called me earlier. I politely told her that she could come back and take a look at it with her realtor if she wanted to... her realtor was out of town for the evening... okay... I offered to walk her through the house if she wanted. It was a deal. We spent the next half hour checking out bedrooms and closets. Her daughter loved it! I think she would have moved in right then as she did not want to leave.

I called Carla after they left and she said that she had received a call earlier too... we didn't know if the person that called her was the one that called me, but at least we are getting calls!

An hour later, Carla called me to let me know that we were talking to the same people. The woman's realtor said that she loved the house... and to expect a contract by tomorrow!!! Holy Cripes! We sold our house in one day! God is good... all the time!

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