The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

What do boys do when they don't know what to do? They put chair bags over their heads!
We finally went up to DC to watch the National fireworks! We've been procrastinating for years and made excuses about traffic and crowds... well, this year was ordained by God! I say this because there wasn't any traffic the whole way into DC... we picked a friend up from Crystal City and there were hardly any cars on the rode... we wondered if we missed a security briefing telling everyone to evacuate!

We headed to Bolling AFB and figured we would hit massive crowds... there weren't any! They had a live band and vendors. We put up a tent and grilled hotdogs... it was a great day! The boys had fun, we had fun... couldn't have asked for anything more!

We can check the fireworks off of our 'to do while we are living in Northern VA' list!

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