The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All washed up...

The boys were downstairs playing this afternoon. I felt fairly safe with them building lego things on their own... I had taken precautions... I closed them out of the laundry room (Sean likes to dump way too much cat litter deodorizer in the cat box, or dump fabric softener in the cat box, or feed the cats a huge pile of food) so I figured that I was okay to let them play while I was upstairs making dinner.

They were quiet and there weren't any complaints. I ran down and checked on them a couple times and everything was fine. Amazing! I finished dinner and called them upstairs to eat. Ethan ran up right away. He said that they had even cleaned up all the legos and everything was put away. Wow! Had my little boys grown up? Sean came up a few minutes later.

I got them their drinks and started getting their plates ready. Ethan had to go to the bathroom. A couple minutes later, Ethan yelled up that we needed to come downstairs. Daddy went down ahead of me... I heard him yell up something about water. Ethan ran in and told me that there was a big water mess in the bathroom.

I headed downstairs and found an inch or two of water in the bathroom... Sean pulled the stopper in the sink and turned the water on. He apparently forgot and came upstairs. Needless to say, the downstairs sink doesn't have that hole that saves you from an overflow! As we mopped up the bathroom, we discovered that the bathroom actually overflowed into the bedroom next door!

Holy cripes! What a mess! After about an hour, all of the towels in the laundry room were soaked and the carpet cleaner was full, but the carpet was only 'wet' and not 'flooded'! I'd like to say that I learned from this experience as a parent... but it took him doing it one more time (not to this extreme) later in the evening to give me the sense to remove the stopper to the sink!

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