The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hidden treasures...

When we were at Grandma's, Uncle Mike dug out our old Legos for Ethan and Sean. We had a big Rubbermade container full of legos... we are talking about tons of Legos (amazingly, it was only one of four containers!) Mike told me that we probably wanted to wash them off and go through them because he couldn't guarantee there wasn't a bunch of other things floating around with the Legos.

Boy was he right! Ethan, Sean and I went through the container today before we washed off the Legos (I was sneezing because they were so dusty) it's amazing what a ten year old boy throws in with his toys...

I found an old dirty transformer gun,
1 car key circa 1991,
a fishing sinker,
8 old batteries,
2 old corroded batteries,
3 little planes,
4 little cars,
1 pencil,
3 chewed pen caps,
a tiny screwdriver,
a duck head,
4 paper clips,
a fish hook,
2 washers,
and I saved the best for last... 7 used Bandaids!

Don't ten year old boys know how to use a trash can?!?

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