The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hidden treasures...

When we were at Grandma's, Uncle Mike dug out our old Legos for Ethan and Sean. We had a big Rubbermade container full of legos... we are talking about tons of Legos (amazingly, it was only one of four containers!) Mike told me that we probably wanted to wash them off and go through them because he couldn't guarantee there wasn't a bunch of other things floating around with the Legos.

Boy was he right! Ethan, Sean and I went through the container today before we washed off the Legos (I was sneezing because they were so dusty) it's amazing what a ten year old boy throws in with his toys...

I found an old dirty transformer gun,
1 car key circa 1991,
a fishing sinker,
8 old batteries,
2 old corroded batteries,
3 little planes,
4 little cars,
1 pencil,
3 chewed pen caps,
a tiny screwdriver,
a duck head,
4 paper clips,
a fish hook,
2 washers,
and I saved the best for last... 7 used Bandaids!

Don't ten year old boys know how to use a trash can?!?

There was an old lady...

We were completely out of milk... amongst other things. This morning we made a run to the commissary to stock up. The boys like to go to the PX to eat at Subway. After twenty minutes of waiting patiently in line, we sat down to eat.

Sean wanted to sit in the 'high' chairs (the tall chairs and tables next to the windows)... there were a couple of flies buzzing around by the glass. Ethan made a comment about eating flies...

Sean followed up with, "I know a girl who eats flies."


"I know a girl who eats flies... she's a bad girl."

"What are you talking about?"

"I know a girl who eats flies... she's in my book."

"Oh, you know an old lady who swallowed a fly?"


Monday, June 29, 2009

Cleaning poison...

We left to head home to Virginia this morning... Grandma paid Ethan $2 and Sean $1 before we left. She said that it was for cleaning Grandpa's boat and doing such a good job. They were awfully proud!

The held onto their dollars and wanted to take them into Wal-mart when I made a pit stop about 20 minutes later... (I stopped to stock up on Mt Dew Live Wire - husband's favorite)

We were walking through Wal-mart when they started talking about their money... Sean said, "This is my dollar... I got it for wiping poison off of Grandpa's boat!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Without a paddle...

We headed out on Houghton Lake tonight to take in a little evening fishing... the boys were excited to catch a 'big one' (or a little one for that matter). We had been out on the lake for a half hour and hadn't caught anything... it was getting dark and Grandpa decided it was time to head in... unfortunately we didn't know that the oil was leaking out of the boat. Grandpa shut the boat down almost as soon as he got it started. There was no oil pressure and upon further investigation, not a drop of oil in the engine... we were stranded on the lake!

It was getting dark and a lot of the boats had already gone in... I pulled out my phone and made my first call to Roscommon County 9-1-1. They were going to send out a boat to tow us in... I got off the phone and a boat was leaving an onshore restaurant. Woo-hoo!

We flagged them down (second call to 9-1-1) and they towed us to the docks... third call to 9-1-1 to let them know that we got in okay. Valerie (we were on a first name basis) was glad to hear that we had gotten off the water safely.

I have to admit that it was nice to be stuck in a boat on the lake... rather than stuck in a truck in traffic on the highway (that's everyday in Northern Virginia!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skinny butt...

We made it to Houghton Lake, Michigan... we had emptied out the truck and ran down to the local Wal-mart to get some supplies. Sean had to go potty so we ran to the restroom.

Poor little guy got his underwear wet... so I took them off and put on his shorts to give us time until we got back to the cottage... I turned around to grab some paper towel and he started pitching a fit... I looked over to find that his shorts were around his ankles!

Apparently, he needs the friction of underwear to hold his pants up over his skinny butt! He didn't that butt from me... that's for sure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Them bears...

We were driving through Maryland on the way to Michigan and the boys were asking 'are we there yet?' (in many variations) for the 20th time...

I decided to distract them by talking about the scenery... the red tractor, the broken barn, the brown cow... and then I mentioned that 'there are bears in those mountains'...

Sean immediately replied, "Bears! I don't like bears... bears bite me!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I got wacked!!!

Poor Ethan is not feeling well today... he came down with the stomach flu last night. He's such a trooper, though, he's the best little sick guy a mom could have. To keep Sean from upsetting Ethan, Daddy took Sean downstairs to play some indoor badmitton!

Sean loves playing badmitton with my Target Dollar Spot badmitton set. I love the Dollar Spot! Anyway, I was downstairs tidying up when a birdie flew by my head... I picked it up out of the trash can and handed it to Sean...

He promptly replied, "Mom, I wacked you!"

Daddy thought that was hillarious! Yes, I got wacked by my 3 year old son...

Friday, June 19, 2009

When I was a little boy...

Today was the day... I finally got the basement playroom painted! It looks great! I was able to get it vacuumed and most everything put back in before I had to start dinner. Thank God Husband was home to watch the boys for me...

I was trying to get dinner ready and noticed that Sean was dragging around my little Fischer Price ride on horse from when I was his age (yes, that makes it thirty years old and it is still in working condition - amazing!). I felt that I needed to explain to him that the horse is old and he needed to be nice to it (mostly because I didn't explain that my Snoopy bank was old until after he broke the ear off of it).

"Sean, that horse is really old... it was mine when I was your age."

"No it wasn't!"

"Yes it was, Sean. That horse is really old. It was mine when I was a little girl."

"When I was a little boy it was mine!" and with that, Sean promptly stomped out of the room dragging my horse behind him.

I give up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To paint or not to paint...

To paint or not to paint??? That is the question. I tore apart the kids playroom downstairs with every intention to start painting it today... then life got in the way.

So I did what I rarely do... and left the basement a complete mess!!! I'm telling you that this is very rare because even Sean came downstairs and exclaimed, "Mommy, this basement is a mess!!!"

I find comfort in the fact that I am fully functional with part of my house in complete disaster! If I had a therapist, I'm sure he would tell me that I've made progress with my non-diagnosed organizational OCD.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good audition to the Nth degree!

The audition went, uhh, well... the opposite of what you think of when you think of 'bad'... it went 'good' only 'good' on steroids... like puppies on a sugar rush auditioning for the part of an old dog who sits still... they had fun and that's what matters!!!

(Oh, and they made the AMW people laugh!)

So, when you see the AMW about the guy who kidnapps his girlfriends kids and then holds them hostage until she robs money out of the vault at the bank where she works... you can look at her two kids and think, "Ethan and Sean auditioned for those parts!?!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Scooby Dooby Doo...

"Scooby Dooby Doo... Where are you? We got some work to do now!"

Sean's favorite line to a song... the only line from a song that he really sings... he does a good job.

Ethan's not big on singing song lines, but he whistles all the time. I don't even think he knows how much he whistles.

My two musicians... Sean could be a jingle singer and Ethan a noise maker... we've got talent!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a great day!

What a great day! We met up with Brandon (Sean's best friend) and went out to brunch at IHOP...

came home and went on a bug hunt (I got some cool pics of the boys)...

decided to take Sean's r/c boat to the resevoir but found out it wasn't working...

went to the boys' store (ToysRUs) to get a new boat and found a fire rescue boat that squirts water...

headed to the lake to try out the boat (the water squirter was really cool)...

tangled fishing line in the r/c boats propellor (oops!)...

while Daddy fixed the boat we checked out the spot where we released the frogs last year (they weren't there)...

went home and mowed the lawn while the boys helped Daddy clean guns (we're from the country)...

Today was a success!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Be a good role model Uncle Mike...

My brother called me tonight... he was at some 'carnie' festival in some small town in Michigan. He was in his usual Friday night goof ball mood (I usually get drunk calls on a night like this)... Anyway, I told him that he better be good because he just put in his paperwork for the Navy to go to med school...

To make sure I hit it home, I had Sean get on the phone and tell him, "Uncle Mike, don't get a DUI" and

"Don't drink and drive Uncle Mike" and

"Be a good role model, Uncle Mike!"

Needless to say, Uncle Mike and Grandma thought that was hillarious! It sounded much more convincing coming from a 3 year old!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't worry Mommy...

Sean came in from the deck letting me know that he needed his hands washed... "what did you do?"

"I pee'd off the deck Mommy. But don't worry, I didn't pee on those flowers (pointed to the vase on the counter), or those flowers (pointed to the fake flowers in the corner), or on your computer or anywhere else!"

Wow, thanks Sean. The letter from the HOA is probably in the mail about the urinating toddler on my deck! I'm pretty positive that's an HOA violation... if not, they'll write one up!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two little bank robbers?!?

A casting agent contacted us today and put Ethan and Sean's pictures in for an America's Most Wanted casting call... we received noticed later in the day to set up an audition time. I'm relieved that they will be on as re-enactors and not as the fugitive subjects! The suprises that life holds!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enough said...

Interesting to say the very least...

Oh my sweet Sean! This kid I don't quite get... there's always something and it seems 'something' is always quite comical! I turned around sometime this afternoon to find him standing in the kitchen looking something like this...

The things you see in his hair are not curlers, but baggie clips from IKEA! They work great and we got like 20 of them for $2.00... I just didn't know of this 'alternative' use for them...
Nope, Max wasn't safe from Sean or the clippie fashion craze! Sean was loving the clippies so much that he wore them out of the house and to the gym! I requested that he leave them in the truck only because I figured some other kid would try to grab them out of his hair... which would leave Sean devastated!
What will it be tomorrow?!? Tape? Straws? Paper towel?!?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hamster food...

I asked Ethan and Sean what they wanted for breakfast this morning... Ethan wanted waffles and Sean replied, "Hamster food." What?!?

I asked him again what he wanted and again he said, "Hamster food!"

Okay then... I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl. I got my early morning creativity on and grabbed the box of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios. I tossed some of each in a bowl and went to the fridge for some blueberries. A handful of blueberries on top and -Voila - Hamster food!

I handed it to him and told him it was Hamster food... he looked at it and was so excited that I made him Hamster food! Appparently it looked so good that Ethan decided he wanted Hamster food on top of his waffles!

Breakfast was a success!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is that a scratch on your nose?

Got up this morning and noticed that Sean had a scratch on his nose... I asked him if he had scratched his nose...

He promptly replied, "No, I drew on my nose yesterday at Jesus' church!"

Enough said.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

God's House...

I got quite a bit done today and still managed to get the boys to church tonight... they were so cute when we were walking into church...

Sean asked if we were, "Going into Jesus' House?" I said, "yes".

Ethan piped up that it was "God's House." I'm sure that God was smiling on them at that moment.

They were really good during the service... probably because they drew all over themselves. Sean had marker all over his face. Oh well, the didn't disrupt the service so I consider this a win-win all the way around!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trash nabbers...

I opened the door to our second story deck to grab the trash for garbage pickup and noticed junk strewn all over the place... apparently 'something' had scaled the deck and tore apart the trash bag last night! Did I mention that it was a second story deck?

I specifically put the bag out on the deck so that critters didn't get into it and tear it apart... for pete's sake, I live in the city... do I need to start stringing it up from the gutters?!?

I'm guessing it was probably an urban raccoon... aka neighbors annoying cat!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

These are for small boys...

Sean's birthday party was today at Chuck E Cheese, of course. We invited a few of his many 'best' friends. We all had lots of fun!

Before everyone got there, I ran Sean to the bathroom. He's very into recognizing that we were going into the 'girls' bathroom... that is followed by 'I am a boy and you are a girl'. Today he added something new...

We were done washing our hands and the paper towel dispenser was really low so he was able to get his own towel... he pointed it out to me in his own way...

"Mom, this is for small boys... not for big girls!"

I love it when three year olds state the obvious and make it sound entertaining! He cracks me up!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Sean!

I can't believe that my baby boy is 3! Seems like just yesterday... and now he's running around and talking up a storm! He told me today that I wasn't listening to him and that I should "Listen to him, mom!" and then apparently I wasn't talking enough so he said "Talk to me, Mom!" It wasn't like I was driving the truck in four lanes of heavy traffic or anything... anyway, he's getting so big so fast!

Happy Birthday Sean!