The Kids

The Kids

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a day!

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just another day… that was my first mistake!
I came downstairs to get things ready for school. When I ran out on the deck to put recycling away, I noticed something out of the ordinary in the one flower pot… it looked like cat poop. Upon further evaluation, it was cat poop! I cleaned it up and hoped that I would not have to do that again.

Got the boys together and rushed out to the truck… we were running late as usual. I pulled out and apparently took the curve on the way out of our Court a little too fast… my coffee dumped all over my pants. Did I mention that it was hot, fresh coffee! Back to the house for a change of pants… now we were running very late. Wouldn’t want to freak the teachers out by showing up early on the last week of school!

I dropped Ethan off and headed to the Mall. I had to drop some jewelry off… I hate going to the Mall. I decided to stop by Bath & Body Works to pick up some massage oil… we are almost out and the Lavender scent rocks! Hubby gives a longer back rub and foot rub if he uses the oil…
After school, we headed to the gym. On the way there, Sean piped up and said that he loved Kat and that Kat was his BEST friend. Kat is Ethan’s teacher’s daughter. After he repeated it about six times, I gave Laurie a call and told her… she thought that was cute. Kat is Sean’s BEST friend!

The workout went well… we got home and I explained to the boys that I was going to get recycling together and we were going to take it to the dump quick. I asked them to behave. I sprayed some eucalyptus scented room spray around the living room… smells so good! I headed downstairs to get the big recycling out to the truck. I don’t think I even made it to the basement and Ethan was freaking out. He said that Max had pooped in the flower pot outside. I assured him that it wasn’t Max and probably was Baby Kitty even though I knew that he didn’t have the opportunity… Upon further investigation, I realized that it wasn’t Max poop or Baby Kitty poop… I looked at Sean and asked him if he had pooped in the flower pot… yep, it was Sean. I cleaned it up and hoped that I would never have to do that again! (Hadn’t I already had that thought today?!?)

I let the boys know that they needed to be good and I headed back downstairs. It had been about five minutes and I was checking on the boys… the house smelled so good… a little stronger, but so good! Finished getting the recycling off the deck… I asked the boys if they were being good and Sean said, “don’t be mad at me.” Huh? I asked what he did that I would be made at him? He said, “I’m happy.” At that point, I knew something was up. I asked him what he did and all I heard was ‘oil’. I immediately knew the reason the house smelled so good.
I ran upstairs and found an empty bottle of lavender and chamomile massage oil on his bedroom floor. He had dumped it all over his carpet, a throw pillow, his step stool and smeared it all over his window… on the upside, his room never smelled so good!

I am currently mourning the loss of the massage oil… what a day!

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