The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rolling Thunder rocks!

If yesterday wasn't enough of our Nation's capital, we headed back up to DC for Rolling Thunder! If you have never experienced Rolling Thunder, it is the most incredible gathering of great people honoring the memory of those in the military... it's amazing! It is a huge gathering of the most respectful and respected people! Awesome!

We got lucky with parking today too... a friend of ours volunteered to let us use her parking space up off of 23rd in DC. Yeah! We stopped by her apartment to use the restroom and chat. After Sean got out of the bathroom, he went to join Ethan out on her balcony. Unfortunately for him, Alexis keeps her windows really clean! He ran right into her sliding glass door! It was hillarious! I felt bad for him, but he was okay... his ego was bruised, but physically he was okay. It was so funny!

After we got over the humor, we headed out to the truck to get ready to head down to Constitution Avenue. We were getting our stuff out of the truck when I realized that I forgot my purse, my id's, and my money! Great! Thank God for family and family with cash!

Rolling Thunder was awesome! I love the crowd it draws. They are nice and just genuine people. The bikes were really cool to watch. There must have been thousands! The parade must have been four hours long. So very cool!

On the way home, Sean decided that he wanted to go to the beach. He wanted to go to the beach with the sand and the water... and the sand. He wanted to make sand castles and see the water... he repeated the same things over and over! I don't think Sean is ever quiet! He is just too funny!

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