The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, May 16, 2009


A couple years ago Ethan's current teacher coined his nickname 'E-rock' because Ethan rocks... and probably also because we used to say that everything 'Rocked'. This bit explains the title of this story, but the story itself is going to give a whole new meaning to 'E-rock'.

Today we headed up to Andrew Air Force Base for the big air show that they have every year. It's really awesome! Well, this year we got a bit turned around trying to find FedEx field... which, if you know how big it is, you would be surprised we couldn't find it... I blame the State of Maryland because there just isn't enough signage pointing in the direction of said field to help a distracted mom of two with a husband in the passenger seat find the stinking stadium. Anyway, we did find it and after waiting in lines and taking a bus ride (which the boys loved) we made it to the air show. It was really cool, really busy and very loud.

We walked around for a bit and climbed through a few planes and decided to grab lunch. We waited in a long line (beer and icecream lines were shorter but didn't offer enough protein) and paid the equivalent of three fingers (36 US dollars) for our hotdogs and pop. Since we decided against lugging chairs on the bus, we plopped down on the asphalt to eat our JUMBO hotdogs and drink our really big pop. Ethan was really hungry and he ate pretty quick. Sean was more interested throwing a royal fit instead of eating... to say the least, he had me distracted. I was trying to reason with a three year old about how if he didn't stop crying we were going to have to go home when I turned my head to get a drink and noticed Ethan setting a rock on the edge of his little finger skateboard... it was at this time everything started moving in slow motion... in my head I thought that I should tell him not to attempt to fling that because he could poke someones eye out... but, unfortunately, I could not get that verbalized fast enough... I watched him pick up his finger and wack the edge of the skateboard and... *CRACK*... right in MY eye! I opened my mouth to scold him and I just started laughing! What dumb luck was that! Here I was worried about him hitting a stranger sitting around us... I think it was at that moment that I should have stood in line at the beer tent! Now E-rock has a whole new meaning!

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