The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mommy, you are my mom!

I was walking with the boys across the parking lot today and Ethan squeezes my hand between my thumb and my pointer finger. I looked down at him and he gazed up at me...

and said matter-of-factly, "That's a pressure point mom. It goes up your arm and into your head." He caught me off guard.

"Where did you learn that?" I was thinking he was going to say 'Daddy' but instead replied, "Curious George."

Really?!? Curious George... how... curious?!?

Later Sean let me know, "Mommy, you are my mom!" Yepper kiddo, you are stuck with me!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last year we raised frogs from tadpoles... this year it was butterflies. If you are going to attempt butterflies, make sure you check your mail everyday. Our caterpillars sat in our box for a couple days... I don't think that it mattered, because I think that they sent us two caterpillars and three cocoons!

Oh well, in a matter of two weeks, the two caterpillars turned into cocoons and then butterflies. The whole process was fairly easy! We kept the butterflies for a couple days and released them out on the deck this evening. The boys loved it... especially Ethan. He's the kid who wants a bigger house so that he can get two more dogs and two more cats!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Yes or No?

"Am I growing? Yes or No?"

Sean's newest 'yes or no' question that he has given me. This started a couple days ago... now everything is a 'yes or no' question.

"Brother, do you want to go outside? Yes or No?"

"Mommy, do you want to play a game? Yes or No?" It's quick too... right after the question.

Funny kid!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rolling Thunder rocks!

If yesterday wasn't enough of our Nation's capital, we headed back up to DC for Rolling Thunder! If you have never experienced Rolling Thunder, it is the most incredible gathering of great people honoring the memory of those in the military... it's amazing! It is a huge gathering of the most respectful and respected people! Awesome!

We got lucky with parking today too... a friend of ours volunteered to let us use her parking space up off of 23rd in DC. Yeah! We stopped by her apartment to use the restroom and chat. After Sean got out of the bathroom, he went to join Ethan out on her balcony. Unfortunately for him, Alexis keeps her windows really clean! He ran right into her sliding glass door! It was hillarious! I felt bad for him, but he was okay... his ego was bruised, but physically he was okay. It was so funny!

After we got over the humor, we headed out to the truck to get ready to head down to Constitution Avenue. We were getting our stuff out of the truck when I realized that I forgot my purse, my id's, and my money! Great! Thank God for family and family with cash!

Rolling Thunder was awesome! I love the crowd it draws. They are nice and just genuine people. The bikes were really cool to watch. There must have been thousands! The parade must have been four hours long. So very cool!

On the way home, Sean decided that he wanted to go to the beach. He wanted to go to the beach with the sand and the water... and the sand. He wanted to make sand castles and see the water... he repeated the same things over and over! I don't think Sean is ever quiet! He is just too funny!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trip to DC...

We took Aunt Nik-Nik and Aunt Sherri up to DC today... we hit the American History museum. All the way up there, Sean sang his new song, "Red means stop, Green means go, Yellow means Sloooowww down!" He cracks me up!

We got a great parking spot right on Constitution and across from the White House. That is amazing since it is Memorial Day weekend! The museum was cool... I was hoping for some more pop culture stuff... like maybe Fonzie's jacket or some Elvis stuff. After the museum, we walked the monuments. When we were checking out the White House and the protestors, Ethan saw some people riding around on Segway's. Ethan told Sean that he wanted to be a 'cop' when he grew up. He said that he wanted to be a cop and ride on one of 'those'. Sean asked him if he wanted to be a cop when he grew up, "yes or no?" (That's his new thing "yes or no?")

Two hours and five miles later, we were back at the truck. I don't know how far we actually walked, but it felt like a long time. We checked out the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and my personal favorite, the World War II Memorial.

I then decided to take everybody out to IHOP for a late dinner/bedtime snack. Unfortunately, I didn't know where IHOP was... after a quick call to a friend, I had an idea of where to go... or so I though. I was so lost. It was already after 10 and we had been going in circles for at least 20 minutes! One last ditch effort to find our way and, yes! I found IHOP! Yummy pancakes!


Friday, May 22, 2009

My little graduate...

Ethan graduated from preschool tonight! Congratulations Ethan! He wore a cap and gown... it was so cute!

I'm so proud of my preschool graduate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The start of the celebrations...

Family is in town this weekend... tonight we begin Sean's birthday celebration! He doesn't turn three until the 3rd of June, but we always start things a bit early. I gave him his 'medal'... he was so excited! Our newest tradition is a medal that has their age on the front and 'Happy Birthday Sean' on the back. We started it with Ethan and now Sean has one. He is such a funny kid! We are so blessed to have both Ethan and Sean as our boys!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quack Quack!

We were heading to the store today and drove by some construction equipment... Ethan started a conversation about construction stuff and Sean quipped,

"Quack-Quack's use tools too!"

Alrighty Sean!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a day!

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just another day… that was my first mistake!
I came downstairs to get things ready for school. When I ran out on the deck to put recycling away, I noticed something out of the ordinary in the one flower pot… it looked like cat poop. Upon further evaluation, it was cat poop! I cleaned it up and hoped that I would not have to do that again.

Got the boys together and rushed out to the truck… we were running late as usual. I pulled out and apparently took the curve on the way out of our Court a little too fast… my coffee dumped all over my pants. Did I mention that it was hot, fresh coffee! Back to the house for a change of pants… now we were running very late. Wouldn’t want to freak the teachers out by showing up early on the last week of school!

I dropped Ethan off and headed to the Mall. I had to drop some jewelry off… I hate going to the Mall. I decided to stop by Bath & Body Works to pick up some massage oil… we are almost out and the Lavender scent rocks! Hubby gives a longer back rub and foot rub if he uses the oil…
After school, we headed to the gym. On the way there, Sean piped up and said that he loved Kat and that Kat was his BEST friend. Kat is Ethan’s teacher’s daughter. After he repeated it about six times, I gave Laurie a call and told her… she thought that was cute. Kat is Sean’s BEST friend!

The workout went well… we got home and I explained to the boys that I was going to get recycling together and we were going to take it to the dump quick. I asked them to behave. I sprayed some eucalyptus scented room spray around the living room… smells so good! I headed downstairs to get the big recycling out to the truck. I don’t think I even made it to the basement and Ethan was freaking out. He said that Max had pooped in the flower pot outside. I assured him that it wasn’t Max and probably was Baby Kitty even though I knew that he didn’t have the opportunity… Upon further investigation, I realized that it wasn’t Max poop or Baby Kitty poop… I looked at Sean and asked him if he had pooped in the flower pot… yep, it was Sean. I cleaned it up and hoped that I would never have to do that again! (Hadn’t I already had that thought today?!?)

I let the boys know that they needed to be good and I headed back downstairs. It had been about five minutes and I was checking on the boys… the house smelled so good… a little stronger, but so good! Finished getting the recycling off the deck… I asked the boys if they were being good and Sean said, “don’t be mad at me.” Huh? I asked what he did that I would be made at him? He said, “I’m happy.” At that point, I knew something was up. I asked him what he did and all I heard was ‘oil’. I immediately knew the reason the house smelled so good.
I ran upstairs and found an empty bottle of lavender and chamomile massage oil on his bedroom floor. He had dumped it all over his carpet, a throw pillow, his step stool and smeared it all over his window… on the upside, his room never smelled so good!

I am currently mourning the loss of the massage oil… what a day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


A couple years ago Ethan's current teacher coined his nickname 'E-rock' because Ethan rocks... and probably also because we used to say that everything 'Rocked'. This bit explains the title of this story, but the story itself is going to give a whole new meaning to 'E-rock'.

Today we headed up to Andrew Air Force Base for the big air show that they have every year. It's really awesome! Well, this year we got a bit turned around trying to find FedEx field... which, if you know how big it is, you would be surprised we couldn't find it... I blame the State of Maryland because there just isn't enough signage pointing in the direction of said field to help a distracted mom of two with a husband in the passenger seat find the stinking stadium. Anyway, we did find it and after waiting in lines and taking a bus ride (which the boys loved) we made it to the air show. It was really cool, really busy and very loud.

We walked around for a bit and climbed through a few planes and decided to grab lunch. We waited in a long line (beer and icecream lines were shorter but didn't offer enough protein) and paid the equivalent of three fingers (36 US dollars) for our hotdogs and pop. Since we decided against lugging chairs on the bus, we plopped down on the asphalt to eat our JUMBO hotdogs and drink our really big pop. Ethan was really hungry and he ate pretty quick. Sean was more interested throwing a royal fit instead of eating... to say the least, he had me distracted. I was trying to reason with a three year old about how if he didn't stop crying we were going to have to go home when I turned my head to get a drink and noticed Ethan setting a rock on the edge of his little finger skateboard... it was at this time everything started moving in slow motion... in my head I thought that I should tell him not to attempt to fling that because he could poke someones eye out... but, unfortunately, I could not get that verbalized fast enough... I watched him pick up his finger and wack the edge of the skateboard and... *CRACK*... right in MY eye! I opened my mouth to scold him and I just started laughing! What dumb luck was that! Here I was worried about him hitting a stranger sitting around us... I think it was at that moment that I should have stood in line at the beer tent! Now E-rock has a whole new meaning!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sean's girls...

Virginia allergy seasons have taken their toll on me over the last seven years. I've been on allergy shots the last year and a half on top of a slew of very legal allergy drugs... CVS rarely gives me those cute 'little' white bags but instead hands me a large paper bag full of my monthly 'supply'... anyway, I digress... back to the shots. Today we went to the allergist to get my biweekly allergy shot. The boys love going because they get a small dose of sugar (huge candy bowl on the receptionist's desk) and a couple stickers just for tagging along. After the consumption of said sugar, they move into the 'shot' room and pick out some stickers. Ethan picks five cat and dog stickers... I talk him down to two... Sean picks out two Bratz stickers which he proceeds to stick on his bare shins... he looks hillarious because he is short and his shorts come down below his knees and then there's these HUGE Bratz stickers and then his socks and shoes... he is a trip! It got even better when I was putting him in the car and he patted them to make sure they were on good and then said in a rather matter-of-fact way, "These are my girls!" I can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is how your garden grows...

I really need to reign in these boys... I understand that there is something instinctive about a boys' need to pee outside. It must go back to ancient times and be as primal as a canine urintating on a fire hydrant... but come on... we live in a townhouse community. Well, this evening I drew the line in the perverbial pee soaked sand... Sean took off out the back door and onto the deck... I was distracted on the computer but in the background heard a chair move across the deck... by the time I turned around he was standing on the chair 'aiming' at the hanging pot of strawberries! Last time I checked, urine was not something that made edibles grow or taste better... It is official, the deck is off limits... I draw the line at pee soaked strawberries! At least I draw the line, right?

Anyway, we made it through the rest of the evening fine. After baths, I sat down with the boys to read them their library books. I think we checked them out weeks ago and I already renewed them once. I think the babysitter read them all once, but it doesn't count until I actually sit down and read through them all. Then I can, with good faith, return them and not feel bad because we read them... oh, and I need to get them out of the house before we destroy them... Sean tried dumping half a gallon of milk on them this morning. Where was the mother? Letting the dog out. There is no sacred time anymore! Anyway, the books were mostly about sharks. We read everything there is to know about sharks... I'm pretty sure of that. We talked about the cartilidge skeleton and how it is the same thing that makes up our ears and nose... Sean took a liking to this. He repeated this over and over about his eyes and eyebrows and nose and ears (he added some parts)... then he added his tail and pointed to his behind! I looked at him funny and asked him if he had a tail... I forget what he said because he was so funny when he honestly said that he had a tail! I thought of that really bad movie several years back with the guy that had a tail. Geesh, what was the name of that movie? It was bad...

Well, we get through that and past the five shark books (45 minutes of shark reading) and move on to the last book. A book about the Praying Mantis. I read through all 20 pages and made it to the last page. The last page read and I quote, "Sometimes the female praying mantis eats the male praying mantis." End quote. That was the end of the book! Ethan looked at me and I reiterated that sometimes the girl eats the boy. Such an abrubt ending! I told Daddy about it and joked that the book must have been written by a female to end on such a dreadful note... I checked and it was! My guess is a woman scorned...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A house for Mr. Frog...

The boys and I took our neighbor to Lowes today so that he could get some mulch... he has a little car so he needs to borrow the back of my truck and I get an excuse to go to my favorite store... it's a win-win. Well, he was working on his backyard mulch and I was planting my new flowers... Sean was inside playing Wii and Ethan was out digging around for bugs. I walked up onto the patio to grab the hose and noticed a froggy jump. I couldn't just leave it there and not show Ethan, so I grabbed it up and walked it over to him. It was a nice looking frog... really strong. I had noticed him or at least a relative in the backyard before... so I remembered an article I read about make a Frog and Toad house. Ethan grabbed a plastic planter and I grabbed the hack saw. When we were through, we had a cute Frog house with a nice little door. Ethan found Mr. Frog again and we put him in the flower bed and set his new house over top of him. Both of us bent down and looked through the doorway at Mr. Frog. Five minutes later I checked on him again... he was chillin' in his new house. I came back a couple hours later and he was still in there... how hillarious! I didn't think he'd actually stay in there! I guess we have ourselves a new neighbor in the backyard... this Mr. Frog is so much easier to take care of than the tadpoles and baby frogs that we took care of last summer! Welcome to our family Mr. Frog!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ethan's job plans...

We were all sitting at the dinner table tonight... after saying grace and 'cheers' per Sean's request (we all have to toast our glasses and say 'cheers')... Sean took about two bites and took off to the living room. I was having small chat with myself as husband was hungry and tired... so I asked Ethan how his day went and made sure to emphasize 'Ethan' and look at husband... he got the hint and cued in on the small talk... he asked Ethan what he wanted to do when he grows up... Ethan quickly replied that he wanted to be a 'Construction Driver'. Yes, my son wants to drive really big trucks and tractors! I am so very proud... that my son has aspirations outside of watching TV all day and sponging off of us for the rest of his life! Yeah, one down and one to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's the little things...

What a day... more like a week. I feel like I've been productive for the most part, but I feel dis-com-bobulated (I don't know how to spell that). Anyway, I think that with picture stuff (I took my sons preschool class pics) and grilling hotdogs for Ethan's art show and pretty much everything that is being an active parent has got me feeling discombobulated. Oh, and maybe that Ethan and Sean didn't listen to me at all today... amazing how much power a 3 and 5 year old have when they gang up on Mommy and decide to take a listening day off! Well, all is better due to the fact that I had to renew my military id today. Now this would normally be a horrible experience that takes ages to do... but today there was no wait and even better... it was the first id picture I think in my life that I have ever really liked! As of now, I have no worries because I am carrying around my first good id! Woo-hoo! Oh yeah, I'm also relaxing with a glass of wine...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hole in the cabinet...

'Install magnetic child locks in upstairs bathroom' has been on my list of things to do for a week now. They are such a pain in the butt... but oh so necessary! I had the regular child locks on the bathroom cabinet, but Sean knows how to bypass those. I caught him twice over the weekend spending too much time in the bathroom going 'potty'. Instead, he helped himself to some cleaners and sprayed them all over the bathroom. 'Where was the Mommy?' Downstairs doing something important of course. Since I don't like going to the ER, I put on a good handle lock and wrote 'Intall magnetic child locks in the upstairs bathroom' on my 'To Do' list. (I live by this list) I decided that this morning was my opportunity to cross this off my list.

I grabbed my drill and the magnetic locks... after I set Sean up to play Wii Mario Kart, I headed off to the bathroom. These locks work so well, but they are a bit tricky to install. You have to drill a hole to sink the magnet part of the lock into the door... the first hole didn't work, so I moved it a couple inches over. That hole was too high, so I lowered it a bit. I couldn't get the bit to go in all the way to the plastic guard so I pushed a little harder... I drilled a hole right through the door!!! Oops!

I drilled yet one more hole and finally got it right! With a bit more tweeking, I managed to get the lock to work. The second door was much easier. The bathroom cleaners are now safe and secure behind very locked bathroom cabinet doors. I can check 'Install magnetic child locks in the upstairs bathroom' off of my 'To Do' list... and add 'Fix hole in upstairs bathroom cabinet door' to my 'To Do' list. Oh well, you win some and you run a drill bit through some...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smell my feet!

I'm sitting here catching up on some email and the boys are playing Wii bowling. They are not extremely friendly to each other right now, but have been worse. Ethan must have knocked down a bunch of pins because I heard Sean say, "Good job Brother!" I told him that that was very nice of him. He proceeded to 'pet' Ethan on the head and told him that he loved him. So sweet! Then he half laid up on the couch and stuck his foot out towards Ethan's head and said, "Brother, smell my feet!" I'm telling you, I can't make this stuff up if I tried!

Sean is 3 going on 12...

Daddy was always a little uneasy watching Sean run around in girls shoes that he swiped from 'The Girls' across the street last summer. I explained that they were just shoes and in many cases pretty cool looking. Granted, he did stomp around in a few plastic heels... and drug around a couple sparkly purses. Fast forward to yesterday when we got to the 'snack' isle at the comissary... Ethan picked out a boy snack and Sean wanted Barbie snacks. When we got home and were unpacking groceries, Daddy just rolled his eyes when I pulled out the pink Barbie snacks. I explained that he got them to make sure he had snacks for 'The Girls' across the street. Well, this morning we were leaving the gym and a couple little girls were following there mom into the gym... Sean's gaze was locked on one of the little girls and before he knew it he ran smack dab right into a trash can... you can imagine how proud Daddy was. My little boy suddenly jumped from a toddler to a tween in a matter of hours!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Please God, no vomit!

Sean spent part of this last week sick with the stomach flu. He hates being sick. We are all better now, but he can't get the thought of being sick out of his head. Tonight we were saying prayers before bed and I had just finished up. Ethan and I said 'Amen' and Sean followed up with the addition 'Please God don't let me throw up!' It was so cute and so funny because he was completely serious!

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a Boxing Turtle!

I took Sean into Ethan's school today so that I could take school pictures... all of the pictures turned out great, but that isn't the part of the story that I want to tell... it's the part where we were leaving. I was driving around the school when I noticed movement in the grass. It was a turtle making its way through the grass. He was about the size of a salad plate. I jumped out and picked him up with a towel so that I could show him to the boys. They thought that the turtle was really cool! I ran him back and showed him to the kids that were still waiting for pick up. I gave him to Ethan's teacher who was going to put him back after everyone got to see Mr. Turtle. I ran back to the car and the boys and I chatted about the 'box' turtle that I found. (I don't really know what kind of turtle it was except that it wasn't a snapper) Anyway, Sean retold the story a hundred times already and it is now a 'Boxing' Turtle!