The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not on the front tree!

We were outside in the back yard today working on the yard. I heard Sean mention that he had to go 'pee'. Normally that means that he drops his drawers wherever he is standing, but not today. I noticed that he had taken off around the house. I started around the neighbors house and as I rounded the front yards, I noticed Sean in our front yard. He was proudly 'watering' our front tree! I again explained that we don't pee in our front yard and we don't show our 'stuff' off to everyone. How many times do I need to explain this?

Monday, April 13, 2009

...or you could die?!?

Ethan and Sean woke up early this morning... I wasn't ready to get up yet. I told them to go play in their rooms and give me 15 more minutes to sleep. After I rolled out of bed just 15 minutes later, I found both of them in Ethan's room with their tools out. The real tools. Sean was standing on his step stool with screwdriver in hand. He had already removed one of the screws from the face plate of the light switch and was working on the second one. As half a dozen hairs on my head were turning white, I again explained the danger of electricity to both the boys. I never wanted to turn into my mom, but these two are leaving me no choice. Growing up, my mom would always try to scare us into not doing things by stating what she didn't want us to do and then follow it up with 'you could die'. My brother told me that she had once told him not to corner a raccoon in the garage because "it could have rabies and it could bite him and he could die." I'm beginning to contemplate the 'you could die' parenting technique!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyone needs goals!

Today we drove by a construction site. There were huge dump trucks and tractors. The boys were pretty impressed with all of them. As we were talking about them, Ethan mentioned that when he grows up he wants to drive big tractors. I told him that if that's what he wanted to do, then he should do that. Sean piped up and said that when he gets bigger he wants to wear a green shirt and drive a dump truck! (He was wearing a green shirt) I can check 'life goals' off of my list of things I need them to have!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I ran into the mailman today... he happened to mention that the other day he was hand delivering a package to one of my neighbors. As he was walking by our house, he noticed Sean standing in the front doorway. He waved, but Sean wasn't paying attention. All of a sudden, he saw Sean yank down his pants. Sean apparently stood there looking all proud of himself for a minute before cracking the door and peeing onto the stoop. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and figured I would be right behind him pretty quick. I was. We have been busted!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not on the front stoop!

I walked into the living room today and Sean was standing in the doorway of our front door with his pants around his ankles! He had the storm door cracked open and was peeing out onto the front stoop! I was mortified! I yet again explained that we don't show our 'stuff' to everyone and we certainly don't pee out the front door in a townhouse community in the city! I shut the door and for a brief moment hoped that nobody saw.