The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fingerpainting on the wall...

The boys and I spent all of yesterday with friends at the Baltimore Aquarium... it was a lot of fun, but Sean was so exhausted. It was really busy and he couldn't get down and walk like he wanted to... so I was the object of his frustration! They don't allow strollers, so I was carrying around a toddler who was going to do anything and everything to let me know how irritated he was with me! At one point he grabbed my hair and tried pulling it out of my pony tail... when that didn't work and frustrations had hit their max, he grabbed onto either side of my head and tried to bite my nose! I felt like I was being attacked by a crazy monkey! Poor kid! After a 20 minute nap on the way home he was sweet as could be!

We all woke up this morning feeling worn out... I didn't even feel like I got any sleep... I did feel like a got a grade A upper body workout... geesh I was tired! We were winding down to nap time after a morning of cleaning... we all needed a time out... I was in the basement swapping out laundry and the boys were upstairs with daddy... suddenly Ethan came running down the stairs to let me know that Sean was poopy and stinky... give me a minute... he proceeded to let me know that the diaper was off... poop! I took off upstairs and had no problem locating Sean... I just followed the poopy hand prints all over the walls! I found him in his room... poopy butt, legs, hands, stomach and even cheeks!!! Nasty! I didn't have the energy for this!

Thirty minutes later, the upstairs and Sean were completely clean and disinfected thanks to help from my husband! My mom found this completely humorous... apparently 'what goes around comes around' because I did this to her when I was Sean's age! Warning to kids everywhere: Beware of what you do to your parents... it will come back to haunt you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I flushed a pair of scissors!?!

I must admit that it wasn't my brightest moment... I was trying to multi-task... you know, pee (for the first time in four hours) and trim the hang nail that was bothering me all morning... I grabbed for the nail clippers and bumped the cuticle scissors... much to my horror they fell into the toilet!

Let's stop here and look at the bright side... they fell down and went between my butt and the seat and landed into the water... that means my butt has shrunk!!! Whoo-hoo!

Back to the horror of it all... as previously stated, I am the mother of two small boys... that means I have been puked on, peed on, pooped on... I have had food smeared in my hair, shared drinks with toddlers after that have eaten anything (backwash), and once my dog even peed on me... but I have to draw the line somewhere... that line is drawn reaching into my own pee for a pair of $5 cuticle scissors... so I did what I thought was smart at the time and flushed the toilet... I 'thought' (now realizing I should stop doing that) that they were heavy enough to stay in the bowl and as the pee rushed out and new water came in I would quickly grab the scissors out... much to my HORROR they went 'bye-bye'... oh poop! I'm an idiot!

I immediately flushed a whole bunch of times... really not a good thing to do since we are in a drought and I wasted precious water... I thought (again with the thinking) that maybe they would somehow get safely out of the toilet, through the main plumbing and out of our house forever! I don't have that kind of luck...

I called the plumber and they happened to be able to come right out... he had to tear the toilet out as the scissors were lodged in the S curve... I will say that I had the 'balls' to tell him that I did it and did not blame it on the children... for some sick reason I felt proud of this... The plumber cleaned up around the toilet and did a fantastic caulk job! Those stupid scissors ended up being about $175!

I called my mom and told her what happened... she asked me why I didn't just grab the toilet brush and fish them out with that? That's a really good question! I honestly didn't even think of that...

I learned a lot that day... calling a plumber can be expensive! That's why when my husband announced that his 'office' was clogged, I jumped in the truck and ran to my favorite store (Lowes) and bought a toilet auger ( I watched the plumber use it to try and get the scissors out before tearing the toilet off the floor)! I got home, ran upstairs, and tried out the new auger... about three minutes later I emerged from his bathroom and proudly declared that he owed me $155!

Why didn't I let him auger his own toilet??? I've watched him use a plunger and didn't feel like disinfecting the entire bathroom and washing his shower curtain!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More toys, please.

I was giving the boys a bath... this is usually Daddy's job unless he's working nights... they've got the usual bath toys to play with... the sinking fish, the big boats, the little boats with wind up propellors, the rubber duckies, the moose out of a McDonald's happy meal, cups, etc... and then, of course, we have a net of reserve toys that usually don't get played with that hangs on the wall. I have accepted that I no longer have a bathroom as it is overrun with bath toys, potty seats, step stools, kandoo wipes and the like... if I want to take a bath, I have to strategically place all of these 'toys' along the edge of the tub so that I can relax without sitting on... well, any random thing that sinks and would hurt if you sat on it... am I jealous that Daddy has his own bathroom that he affectionately calls his 'office' and spends enough alone time in where he should really be getting paid??? Of course not... but I digress... so the boys were getting a bath... Ethan requested that I hand him one of the toys that found its home in the net on the wall... I thought there were enough toys in the bath tub already... he didn't think so and proceeded to let me know as much! I finally was sick of the whining and stated matter-of-factly that there were already 50 toys in the tub and there wasn't room for anymore... he protested and I counted! There were 50 toys!!! My bathroom has 50 toys in the bath tub alone!!! That doesn't even count the ones hanging on the wall!!! I think it's time to move the kids into Daddy's 'office'!!!